Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we've been asked about our products but, if you can’t find the answer you need here, please just email us your question to

How long are your pinnies?

The Posh Pinny is 90cm;
The Half Pinny is 57cm;
The Mini-Pinny is 62cm; and
The Gentleman’s Pinny is 95cm.

What are your pinnies and products made of?

All of our products are made out of lovely, thick and long-lasting 100% cotton drill.

Where do you make your products?

All of our products are lovingly handmade in England. 

How do the velvet bows on the pockets of the pinnies wash?

We’re pleased to say the bows wash beautifully, and you don’t even need to iron them.

Do you make bespoke pinnies?

Yes we do. Just drop us an email with the details of what you’d like and we’ll see what we can rustle up for you.

What is the best way to tie my bow at the back of my pinny?

First of all, remember that if you have a Half Pinny, you should tie the bow on your waist, and if you have a Posh Pinny, you need to tie it a bit lower – on your bottom to be precise!?The trick to making a fabulous bow is this: rather than starting by hanging the pinny around your neck, begin by tying the bow back to front, in other words, on your front, where you can see it. Once you’ve got it looking perfect, twizzle the pinny the right way round so that the bow is in its proper place at the back. Then just pop the neck strap over your head. Easy as that!